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    Personnel-Screening Service in Pakistan 

  • Brand Protection Company

Brand Protection Consultant Conducting criminal investigations in Pakistan and follow up legal proceedings in cooperation with local law enforcement departments in Pakistan through Brand Protection Consultant.

  • Market Survey

Carrying out market surveys across major cities and towns of Pakistan to locate and identify persons, Financial Fraud investigations, businesses involved in production and distribution of counterfeit products.

  •  Investigating Immigration Fraud

Verification of civil registration documents, Brand protection company and conducting interviews to detect immigration fraud, Investigating Migration Fraud Company in Pakistan.

  •  Security & Risk Management

Providing services including threat assessments, Brand protection, personnel-screening service, Document fraud verification, money laundering investigation, diverse commercial organizations and logistical arrangements for business visits to Pakistan.

  •  Insurance Claims verification & Investigation 

Verification of billing documents in Islamabad, sales receipts to determine authenticity of claims, investigated fraudulent insurance claims in Islamabad.

  •  Financial fraud investigations

Central Criminal Intelligence Services in Pakistan is a Fraud detection company for investigations of Crime Cases in Islamabad to verify Financial Fraud in Pakistan, money laundering investigation, intellectual property rights in Pakistan. Fact checking and verification of invoices.