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Document fraud verification company in Pakistan

ANS Management Services is a Brand protection company founded in June 2001 to provide specialist consultancy to a number of diverse commercial organizations in Islamabad and diplomatic missions in Pakistan.

We are perhaps best known for our work in the field of investigations regarding intellectual property rights in Pakistan, personnel-screening service, Investigating Migration Fraud, Investigating Immigration Fraud in Islamabad , counterfeit products with successful seizures assisted by local law enforcement departments in Pakistan.

We also have a proven track record of successfully investigating suspected fraudulent documents like investigating birth certificate in Islamabad, investigating marriage certificate in Islamabad, investigating employment documents in Islamabad, investigating educational certificates in Islamabad.

We have also investigated fraudulent insurance claims in Islamabad and financial fraud in Pakistan.

We also provide security and risk management consultancy in Islamabad with personnel-screening service in Pakistan (intellectual property rights in Pakistan), which assists our clients in selecting the right employees, intermediaries and agents.

ANS Management Services Investigating Migration Fraud Company in Pakistan, Brand protection company operates in most areas of Pakistan. We have associates and advisors in many cities of Pakistan and have extensive contacts in law enforcement agencies of Pakistan.

We also have contacts with various other organizations which help us in ascertaining facts and verifying details of individuals and organizations.